Welcome, let's stop violence together.

We are in the age of information overload.  We are all busy and get our news in 10-15 second sound bytes from many different sources.  The hope of this site is to simplify a complex and emotional issue, into actionable items that anyone can talk about that will make an impact on stopping violence in our society.

Unfortunately, the conversation that we often hear is about the Second Amendment, more laws, and banning guns out right.  If you take time to read the reports on this site, you will find that none of those topics will help prevent violence.  With the amazing amount of time and money that has been poured into researched, we have viable options that can actually make a difference.  

We hope you can find something here that will resonate with you.  Something that can help you do something in your own community to help make it a little better.  Remember the programs that work in one area, may need to be adjusted for where you are, but the framework is the same.  After reading the hundreds of pages that are on this site, the basic solution is to create better communication within your community.  It's not easy and it will take time and effort, but it needs to be done if we want a better place for our children to live.