Everyone needs to stand up and be active.

Mark your calendars for April 5th 2014 if you believe that America was built to be free.  A group called Connecticut Citizens Defense League is holding a rally in Hartford.

Many will see it as “just another 2A gathering” but it is really so much more then that.  It is a rally to be reminded about what our founding fathers stood for.  It’s a rally to remind us why each one of us makes a difference.  It’s a rally to rekindle our desire to take heart in the statement, “for the people, by the people.”

As I sit here in the legislative building waiting to testify against common core, my main message is that one size doesn’t fit all.  As it is with your involvement in the political fight that we must take part in this year.  I am a new kid on the block, I learned by others showing me that knowing and talking to your representatives is important.  All of us know some things, but none of us know everything.  We all need to help others when we can.  Your point of view is unique, just like mine.

I hope that you will step up however you can in your own community.  Perhaps you will join us at the rally but maybe you will just let some folks know that it’s happening.  Maybe you will start reading the local newspapers and get involved in the local issues that matter to you. <– that’s how I started.

America is in distress, today I know more people that are out of work then ever before in my lifetime.  We need to make changes at the local level that will help everyone, no more stealing from Peter to pay Paul.  We, the American people, need to step up and take responsibility for the state of affairs and realize that we can make a difference if we all step up.

If you are in the Litchfield area I am chartering a bus to the rally from the large commuter lot off of exit 42 on route 8.  If you would like a seat click on this link.  Seats cost $15.

Hope to see you there!

Let us get ready to make a difference.

The next legislative session is here in January.  We need to help our reps come up with meaningful change.  We need to reach out in our own communities and find out what conflict resolution programs are being implemented in our home towns and cities.  This could be an after school program, talks put on by various groups, workshops offered at work, police programs, the possibilities are endless. We need solutions that are already being successful in CT and expand on them.  We also need to show the diversity and that “One size doesn’t fit all”

Many of the reports I have read show that violence is impacted at the community level with programs that focus on communication skills.  Lets get to work.  Please email me with what you find.  Thanks for your help.  savethousandsnotjustone@gmail.com

Other research opportunities: Does anyone know how many fire arm related laws are currently on the books?  Of all those laws how many have actually been used to prosecute anyone?  How many of the people where legal gun owners that were prosecuted?  What other research based questions did you come up with?  Email them to me savethousandsnotjustone@gmail.com


When will folks start adressing the problem of violence?

The below article talks about mandatory insurance, that doesn’t exist.  So basically they are trying to out law guns by making mandates that are impossible to fulfill.  For all of the people who ask, “Why can’t you just follow the new laws?”  let them know that they are creating laws that are impossible to follow.


CT Stop the Gas Tax hike!

From Jason Welsh:

Join the over 14,000 people that have said “enough is enough” and click here to sign my online petition to axe the gas tax.

One of the largest gas tax hikes in state history is scheduled to hit Connecticut on July 1.

The July 1 gas tax hike would raise prices at the pump in Connecticut by about 4 cents per gallon.

The gas tax in Connecticut is already about 22 cents higher than in neighboring states like Massachusetts.

You Can Help Us Stop the July 1 Gas Tax Hike!
Click Here To Sign The Petition.

The tax set to increase is a hidden state tax on gasoline that you pay above and beyond the state (25¢) and federal (18.4¢) per-gallon taxes. This tax is a percentage of the wholesale price of gasoline and is scheduled to increase 16% on July 1st.

Governor Malloy and the legislature are NOT using this additional revenue to fix roads and bridges as needed. Instead, the money is being used to fund the growth of government.

Stand with Representative Whit Betts and me and demand that this gas tax hike not go through.

Together, we can say “Enough is Enough!”

Join us in saying “No” to the July 1 gas tax hike!

Please click here to sign the online petition.

Or, join our team on Monday, June 24th between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. to fill up at our local participating gas station, Food Bag Citgo, 54 Farmington Ave. (Rte 6) in Bristoland sign the petition in person.

Thank you!

Who am I and what do I stand for?

I feel the gun discussion is just a distraction for the real conversation that needs to take place.  The discussion that I am talking about is: How do we live peaceable with one and another when we have so many different beliefs and values?

Unity, addressing the cause of a problem, not just looking at the symptoms.

Gun Control isn’t the problem, violence is.  Mass murderers have been shown to be very disturbed people, regardless of their weapon of choice, be it a pressure cooker, a truck full of fertilizer, or a gun.  People do awful things to other people.  No one seems to want to discuss this.  Some how the death of other people becomes a conversation for gun control and the 2nd amendment and not about that there are bad people out there that will hurt you any way that they can.  It seems to me as though our society can’t handle looking into the real problem that bad people do bad things.

I have listened to many conversations about gun control.  One question that I can’t seem to get a reasonable answer to is, “how would this law have stopped (insert X tragedy here)?”  The answer is always roughly the same, “I don’t know but it might”.  Really?  This is what we accept as ok?  We don’t know that this will work, but we will do it anyway?  I have done some research, there is MUCH research out there on how to stop violence.  The commonality I have found in the research is community, building strong communities that communicate.  This is the common ground I have found looking at FBI, DOJ, Dept of Education, CDC, Universities, Towns and Cities, report after report it’s about coming together and communicating.

My belief is that most people want peace and freedom.  I stood in a room full of people and everyone agreed that we really just want to stop violence.  That room was the high school in New Town CT, February 2013.  That room was filled with New Town Alliance members and gun owners.  We have a common goal and need to stay focused on it.

Having spent days and weeks at the legislative offices over the last few months it was heart breaking to listen to “mental health day” testimonies.  Mom’s who have violent children and no where for them to turn.  Talking to inner city representatives who know that more laws don’t make a difference when there is no funding for the police force to enforce the existing laws.  The problems are much more complex then adding more laws that do little or nothing to PREVENT crimes.  The problems are complex, we need to address the complex problems and stop avoiding them because they are hard.  Realize we cannot change the USA in a day, a week, or a year.  We must focus on what we can each do to prevent violence starting with our own out look and out reach into our local communities.  It was stated time and time again, what works in one town won’t necessarily work in the neighboring town.  Get involved, help your neighbors, listen to people you don’t agree with, and start being part of the solution.

Urgent to do some thing on 5/13/2013

Here is Robert Crook’s email:

How to Find Your Legislators: http://www.cga.ct.gov/asp/menu/cgafindleg.asp

The coalition has been taking a HOUSE vote count on this bill and have about 60% completed. Most are favorable.
WE NEED YOUR HELP! Some new legislators are unaware of the long history of the bill and are reluctant to commit to a position.  We have some assurances the bill may be called this coming week.  We urge you contact YOUR State Representative NOW! Explain the bill briefly and factually then ask if they have any questions. If you get a positive or negative, please relay their position to us. If they have already talked to me or my son James and and given us a position there is no need to respond. 

This Sunday Hunting bill is a DEEP initiative and will help accomplish DEP Wildlife Management Objectives.  

This bill promotes Bowhunting, Private Land only, Written Permission of the Landowner, Deer only.

Indisputable Facts

1. Deer numbers are increasing, while the numbers of hunters is decreasing.

2. Deer/Car collisions, Lyme disease occurrence, and property damage are all increasing.

3. Hunting is the ONLY proven population management technique available for Deer.

4. DEP Wildlife Management has resulted in population balance on most State lands; overpopulation problems are on privately owned lands.The bill only allows bow hunting on private land with written permission given to the hunter. The landowner can still refuse hunting on SundayThe bill does not include StateLands or allow more tags for deer harvest. 

5. Increases Harvest: About 25% of Deer are taken by bow; 6-8% by muzzleloader; the remainder by rifle/shotgun 60-70%. “The deer harvest on Saturdays during the firearms season is 76% greater than the average harvest on weekdays.” (DEP, Dep. Comm. Leff, 2006). The Saturday deer harvest data applies equally to bowhunting.

6. Inclement weather on Saturdays, significantly reduces take and management.

7. SAFETY: In over a century of bowhunting record keeping, there has been NO instance of injury/death of non-hunting participants!

8. We have accepted the separation of hunters and other recreationalists on private land with Marked Trails although there have been NO instances of accidents (Rep. Mushinsky).

 10. Sunday Bowhunting is a Revenue Raiser by allowing those persons who work 6 days per week to participate. The most common reason that hunters stop hunting is lack of hunting opportunity which is largely decided by two factors: accessible land and available time. Promoting non-resident involvement: Few hunters will take extended hunting trips to a state that won’t let them to hunt on a non-work day. These out-of-state hunters pay higher license fees benefitting DEP and spend more money than in-state hunters on gas, food, lodging and other incidentals that go along with a week-end hunt.Recruiting new hunters. Many young people have school or athletic obligations on Saturday. Sunday hunting allows parents time to hunt with their son/daughter. With the myriad of activities that compete for the attention of young people today, a Sunday hunting restriction means many of them never take up the sport.

11. Eliminates the last remaining CT Blue Law. In the early days of America, so-called blue laws restricted many activities on Sunday. In recent years, however, state governments have recognized that the people’s right to choose for themselves what they do, or don’t do, on Sunday is more consistent with America’s founding principals. The present day ban on Sunday hunting is the last holdout of CT blue laws, and hunters are questioning why they are being treated differently from their fellow citizens. (44 States have Sunday Hunting; those that do not are of the original 13 colonies).


The Sunday Hunting prohibition has been an impediment to DEP wildlife management for too long. This bill will allow DEP wildlife experts to set seasons and take to improve Deer management. We’d ask you to refuse to maintain the status quo which ignores obvious ecological problems (Forestry regeneration, non-game species declines), public safety (Deer/Car Collisions), public health (Lyme disease), and property damage problems.


We urge you to Support Sunday Hunting and act to promote this effort as essential to wildlife management and the public interest of the state

May 18th National Wild Turkey Banquet @ Bozrah Rod & Gun Club
June 6th,7th,8th & 9th 2013  NUTMEG STATE GAMES  Shooting Competition At  Blue Trail Range, Wallingford Questions – Please contact our office: Phone (860) 528 4588 Emailinfo@nutmegstategames.org

July 20th National Wild Turkey Federation “JAKES DAY” at Bozrah Rod & Gun Club – Details to follow!

Unintentional Consequences

The new laws that have been put into effect have shut down every gun store in CT.  For those who think it wouldn’t be an out right ban of guns, it is for our future generations.  Most hand guns come with a standard capacity magazine that hold more then 10 rounds.  Now for those who say just go get a 10 round magazine for that gun, they don’t exist for many guns out there.  So right now all the small and large gun stores for the entire state, I would be willing to guess millions of dollars of inventory, they can not sell.  This means no income for the stores, which means no sales tax for the state, which in the long term means no jobs.  I believe this is where the “unintentional consequences” start.

The Firearms industry that is the only industry that is making money in this poor economy.  Now they are moving out of CT.  The troubled economy that we have is about to get worse.   Over 8,000 jobs will be lost here in CT.  $542,772,009 wages in CT, that’s a lot of income tax CT won’t have to fund all the programs out there.  This is just the beginning.


Preparing for one more day of education.

As I sit here tonight wondering how I can get a simple point across… I wonder if it is possible.  I have always been told numbers don’t lie 2 + 2 = 4.  Then I took statistics 101 in college, basically what I learned there was numbers almost always lie.  Over these last few months I have learned to ask important questions like “where did those numbers come from?”  I see signs that say 90% of gun owners support “X”  or 90% of US residents support “X”.  Yet when talking to people I can’t find any of them that support “x” or who have even been polled.  Where are these numbers coming from?  So I have gone looking for my own numbers from unbiased sources, simple reports from government agencies.

All Rifles used for MURDER in 2011 (not just the ones they want to ban) – 323 of the 8,583 total guns used to commit murder.  To put it in perspective 1,694 knives or cutting instruments were used for murder in that same time period. There were 12,664 murders in 2011, all rifles committed 2.55% of murders vs cutting instruments which were 13.38%.  I can not understand why we are attacking the smallest possible impact by banning rifles when they actually cause the least amount of death in the US.

Over 30,000 gun deaths in 2011 is what I have heard from many.  So looking to the CDC they say there were 19,766 suicides, that’s nearly 60% of people causing them self harm with a fire arm.  I have know potential and actual suicide victims, these people are often screaming for help yet no one listens because we need to change how we view mental health.  Why aren’t we focusing on saving these people?  No law is going to save the next suicide or murder victim, since if we out law guns, there will still be knives.  When we out law knives we will still have baseball bats… and so on.

I was asked why do I defend guns, my answer is this.  I am not defending guns I am simply asking rational folks to look at the unbiased numbers and make a rational move to start addressing the real problem of violence in our communities by trying to build our communities vs tear them apart.

The Cost

As I sit here, after another day in Hartford at the legislative building, I have to wonder if people are paying attention to the cost of the battle that is being waged. The tragic death of children has changed all our lives. I know of so many good people who have lost much sleep since December. Those of us who have spent time away from our families and lost wages so we can attend events.  There are so many who have lost friendships from this debate.  There are families that are being torn apart over this.  It is very sad.  People have lost their jobs or are in fear of loosing their jobs. People are scared on both sides. I do not know if I see an end in sight, you and I are the only ones who can stop this.

I also wonder about what I have seen vs. what I have heard. I have been involved in many events that have happened over the last few months. I have gone to many public hearings and town hall meetings. I have had an entire room of people in Newtown, where there were a mix of people, agree that we have one thing in common, we would all like to address the problem of violence.

Stopping violence, that’s it, that is where we need to start. So many people that I have talked to have said they know that the guns are not the problem, yet we must “do something now”. Many agree, including many politicians understand that passing new laws will not address the problem, but they are going to do it anyway. The reports I have listed on this sight, from the FBI, ATF, Dept of Education, all say the same thing – stopping violence in a community is about the community. One size does not fit all, but there are basic guidelines on how to make communities safer. Just as in all the meetings I have sat through. Stopping violence is about addressing the problems in your community. When I talk about this people say it is too complex to deal with. I say, while we have all this energy focused on a problem, isn’t this the time to address it? Stop the fighting between the Pro and Anti groups and actually focus on the harder task of building each other up while finding solutions to the problems.

In the hearings I have attended, there are many more 2nd amendment people there than those who want more laws.  The two rallies that were at the capitol building were approximately the same size, yet the media reported them differently.  The two lobby days that happened just this week, there were over 3000 people in attendance on Monday.  Today was supposed to be the lobby day for all the folks that are for the new laws, at best there might have been 200-300.  I am confused as to where the people who want to change the gun laws are?  Yet the media and many politicians are saying they are being overwhelmed by calls to create new laws.  For me, what I am hearing is just not what I am seeing.  If anyone can help me figure this out with credible sources I welcome your voice.  No one can do everything but all of us can do some thing.

United we stand, divided we fall. America is falling. Each one of us is responsible for stopping violence. We need to start teaching communication that does not include insulting someone simply because they are not the same.

It’s 11PM waaayyy past my bed time.  Good night.


The upcoming week looks busy.

Monday March 11th– Lobby day in Hartford: Wear your Sunday best.

GOALS: To communicate your concerns to legislators through meetings, written correspondence and a show of unity. Please bring written letters that you can leave with your senators and representatives.

Sites to go to to help you with Testimony or letters and talking points:

https://a1-15.com/ – A legislative how to page and contact information for all the legislators

yankeegunner.com   Lots of good info on SB 1076 testimony for Thursday.

ctpistolpermitissues.com   General information

gunfacts.info – Gun Myths debunked

savethousandsnotjustone.com some links to FBI, DOJ, reports about stopping violence – You are already here, just click on the FBI, DOJ, ATF, Reports tab.

Thursday March 14th – The Public Safety and Security Committee will hold a public hearing on Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 10:00 A.M. in Room 2C of the LOB.Please submit 35 copies of written testimony to Committee staff at the time of sign-up. Testimony submitted after sign-up may not be distributed until after the hearing.Sign-up for the hearing will begin at 8:30 A.M. in the First Floor Atrium of the LOB. The first hour of the hearing is reserved for Legislators, Constitutional Officers, State Agency Heads and Chief Elected Municipal Officials. Speakers will be limited to three minutes of testimony. Unofficial sign-up sheets have no standing with the Committee. All public hearing testimony, written and spoken, is public information. As such, it will be made available on the committee website and indexed by internet search engines.
Any testimony that is submitted electronically for the public hearing will be published but not physically distributed to members.